DS-TWR Range Analysis

Hi all,

I plot the distribuation of measured error over several distances and this is the result


So fo the SS-TWR, it is normal the error increase with the distance which seems normal.
but with DS-TWR, it the opposite wich seems weired to me.
Any explantation please ? or is it normal ?

I’m not sure, I’ll give my interpretation but make sure you post this in the Decawave forum too.

I would doubt about effect of calibration, but unlikely.
How many measures did you take per distance ? I would suggest to take x10 times more samples and plot 3 curves

  • histogram of single distance
  • same curve you plotted but with more samples
  • same curve but with mean error only

Also try to do the same test in different locations and orientations. Ideally tests should be far from any rf disturbance and without any wall, as actually what you see could be the effect of reflections that only disturb one location.

than kyou @wassfila for your responce.

One more question please, Do you know the maximum error of DWM1001C in Los conditions?
does the thin of the walls can affect this error?

Same here I’ll answer what I know, but I don’t have 100% confidence.

The thin walls affect the receive power which indirectly affects the error, so yes, thin walls affect the error. How good you can compensate, I don’t know, especially if space geometry and material can highly vary.

That is even a test I had in mind, keep distance fixed and start increasing obstacle thikness to see the impact on measures.