How to build the Thread sensorTag firmware with Zephyr RTOS

The build steps are described in the product documentation page :

The github repository and directory

This sensortag firmware is using Zephyr, to get familiar with this RTOS here a tutorial page for Zephyr install and debug

Longevity test, first month still up and running

why is the voltage dropping too fast? what is the frequency of ur measuring?

That’s a pretty normal curve of battery discharge, you know it’s fast then stable for a long time with low drop then fast again at the end. Also I’m stress testing it with a report (automatically broken in double packets) every 3 sec, here’s the code loop

I see, it would be great to know how long this thing runs under stress testing, that way u can get a rough estimate for how long it would last at 5, 10, or 15 mins intervals. Does it operate under 3.0V? Do u think it would consume more or less energy using Bt as oppose to Thread or it doesn’t make a different? Is the transmission range different for each type?

with the power profiles, it’s already possible to make estimates, rough estimates are 6 Months for 3 sec period and 3 years with 30 sec.
The nRF52840 can go down to 1.7 V such numbers are in the datasheet of each component.
Regarding BT vs Thread power consumption, I did not test both, only thread, but I guess that now as soon as you have any BT sample running you can power profile it :wink:

im lazy, i like to skip as much works as much as i can. However, in the end, i hav to see it for myself. if it’s true that it can do 3yrs with 30sec, that’s pretty spectacular. The biggest problem has always been that there r too much things to do, n not much time to do it.