MQTT, InfluxDB, Grafana

so what is the best way to inject data into influxDB, can u receive data on MQTT and insert it into InfluxDB some how? how do u do it?

you can use any programming language as influx client library, or a high level plugin for your framework of choice

  • languages (Python, Javascript, C++, Arduino, Java,ā€¦)

see full list here

Also all home automation Frameworks offer influx plugis

  • Home Automation Framework (OpenHAB, Home Assistant, Node RED, ā€¦)

What Iā€™m using is a Python script I wrote myself that adds advanced features

  • use as a Linux service
  • json config file
  • subscriptions list
  • friendly names
  • types enforcement
  • discard
  • log
  • last_seen filtering

I documented the details of the features on the raspi page of the website

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