nRF52832 and UWB DW1000 in SiP

This is not a single System On Chip integration but a System In Package of an nRF52832 with a DW1000


The ISP3010 product page


  • a tag board is available ISP3010-UX-TB powered with a coin cell (70,00 € each)


The chip itself costs 34€ currently:

@Informatic0re “currently” is rather in 40 Weeks. An idea is to do the same without SIP, just the chips if that can cost less, as the sum of both chips from mouser is 12 €

I added to this topic the tag #project_idea

do you have links to that chips

Yes, simply as their name in the diagram

  • DW1000
  • nRF52832

on Mouser

This is already a module from Decawave but not available yet, it will include the latest greatest for both nRF and UWB transceiver all in one module

I have a page about it, they even provide it on a devkit

but for the time being, we can only get the same by ordering separate modules, and connect them with SPI

  • DWM3000TR13
  • nRF52 module