Temperature/Humidity Sensors Test

I supposed u have a few MS8607 with ur sensor tags that u collect data from. I’m looking to order this sensor but i want to know how it performs before hand. I’m currently testing HTU21 and SHT30, five of each. I was able to determine that the SHT30 is better than HTU21 by looking at the data reports on Grafana. I would like to see what the readings of multiple MS8607 under the same environmental condition look like, maybe just 3 will be great. Here i have the temperature and humidity reading for each group, 5 devices per group, and im analyzing the min/max reading of each group to see how close they are to each other. Thanks

I shared sample measures on raintank, you can do it from Grafana, it’s better than sharing screenshorts. I do not have that many sensors, only x2 MS8607 on sensorTags


that’s great thanks. im getting this error message when nodered write to the influxdb. even though im still getting data from Grafana. i noticed the issues bc sometime when Grafana refresh, i got ‘No Data’ show. but if i hit the Refresh button a few time. i would get the data. if i keep doing it sometime i get ‘No Data’ again. have u experience such issues?

NodeRed log:
[error] [influxdb out:1734879dfa143341] Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

Also, have u consider writing a python script that would log data from mqtt into influxdb without having to use NodeRed. that way, it’s possible to automate inserts into influxdb and remove the need of installing and configuring nodeRed for a fast setup?

regarding your error, are you using wifi ? is in systematic or occasional error.
no data, is no data within the selected timerange, could it be a time range issue ? try to zoom out.

I did wrote a Python script to send mqtt to influx, I think I mentionned it before, I documented it here

one way or another, you need to install and configure something, some preferr node red as it is simple, but then for many sensors and if you start having some custom rules, it starts to get very complex. Python is more difficult, requires some python dev skills, then fully automates the task.

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