Thread SensorTag in the media

Great work @Informatic0re , now we’re in the media :clap:

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Another media bounce

@Informatic0re they mention even that it is via

seem like ppl are skeptical about the battery life. maybe u could provide them some experimental data.
’ The annual self-discharge rate at room temperature and normal humidity is less than 1% of the nominal capacity .’ So after 3 years, realistically speaking about ~5% discharge is expected, 10% would be over estimated for extreme cases. suppose u run a stress test, how many transmissions can it makes to drain out the battery? what is 10% less of that? how much cheaper would it be if u use a cheaper temp/hum sensor? can u make a cheaper version of the tag?

  • No they’re not skeptical, that’s simply a way to make the article sound more sensational.
    They even seen the documentation and see that we used professional profiling power tools, the 3 years are quite reasonable and pessimistic, it can go much longer.

  • regarding cost and sensors, we will not look for cheaper sensors that will degrade the quality, there are definitely cheaper sensor Tags on the market we don’t have the goal to be the cheapest.