Thread sensorTag Temperature accuracy

Temperature bias

  • Temperature bias from both instances of the sensorTag using the MS8607
  • reference temeprature measured with a laser heat gun 25.7 on all tags

sudden crash

  • alive counting for 73 days
  • reset did not help
  • battery voltage at 2.6 V
  • removed battery and replaced recovered and restarted broadcasting
  • the server side thread gateway is running fine did not need to touch it

@Informatic0re for info

compare with Adafruit Arduino driver

driver from TE-Connectivity

Good and bad news

  • Good news, we’re within spec, absolute accuracy is -+1°C

  • Bad news : the sensor accuracy is really -+1°C

The Bosch BME280 is not better on datasheet, but in practice, maybe luckily was performing much better and much closer to the real temp (almost 0.1° accuracy)