User Interface IPS

Hi guys,

for the user interface, any recommended tool please ?


Can you narrow down the question ?

  • do you need it for smartphone, tablet or desktop ?
  • windows, linux, mac ?
  • simple and fast or professional ?
  • any skills for the developper in existing frameworks ?

Decawave have developped an android native app and a webapp.

  • To keep it simple, I’d recommend Python, e.g. Kivy
  • To be advanced, flexible and multi platform, I’d recommend a webapp

I started with a webapp for graph display, but just a warning, webapp requires prior web experience.

for my project these are the tools i selected:

  • for desktop applications: Tkinter. if u want to use drag/drop programing interface PyQT5 does it. with Kivy u can build ios and android app with it too. However im using Angular for this.
  • cross platform mobile apps: Angular. for me it’s the fastest way i can build mobile app that works with both android and ios phones with minimal environment configurations.
  • for microcontroller: u can use ssd1306, ST7735, or some TFT libraries for this. it takes more time if u want to do complicated stuff like touch screen. but i mainly use them to display devices status for debugging.

im also considering using hardware user interfaces such as dials, knobs, and buttons. similar to the freedeck.

for the backend, I used Flask
frontend, not yet

You’re into webapps then

Using python, server side

  • Flask
  • Django
    Using python, full webapp
  • Streamlit

If you’re willing to learn and avoid limitations

  • html5
  • css
  • javascript

Using a python framework is quick and easy and probably enough for you, but you only get webdev experience if you learn the real standards. On the ideal case you learn at least a bit of standards then use python or any other framework.

Developping both server side and front end is complex, I recommend using js and keep the front end independent, the server would be any simple webserver.

what’s the average of updating rate for the tag position, in other meaning how many times should I calculate the tag’s position per second ??

You have a restriction on uwb level not to send more than one packet per 1 ms.

Other than that, you have to check how fast your ranging and sending of info is, that will define your fastest possible refresh rate.

In other words, ask yourself which refresh rate is your system capable of doing.

The question of application side what refresh rate you need depend on your app. If it’s an equipment finding, I think every 10mn is ok, but for person real time tracking maybe 10hz is what gives a smooth update, that’s what Decaware PANS can perform.