What's in the mail box?

Finally, I got this from mouser at the beginning of the week. there was 96 in stock and literally the next day, all of them were sold out.

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Nice, congratulations :clap:
Now you can post professional power profiling screenshot.

got my 2nd cnc machine. this one is good little machine. the problem is that the software is terrible. although i like it so far. I’m planning on using it to cut plexiglass to use as covers for the hardware I build similar to the PowerProfile covers. Do u use any other cnc machine other than the 3d printer?

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Excellent, you’re all equipped now.
In terms of mechanical constructions, I only have a 3d printer. CNC and laser cutting would be cool, but if I get some I’d never have enough time to take advantage of them.
With CNC you can now cut custom made voronoi shapes and take advantage of this webapp

That’s probably what I’m missing for cnc cutting.

i see. that’s very cool. what application do u think is useful for this stuff. and what’s ur inspiration for making such tool?

I developed that tool mainly for decoration purpose and printing or potentially for other people to laser cut huge designs, without necessarily copying existing shapes, rather adjust ones for the need. The challenge of this webapp is to make all the calculations with math and vectors so that it generates a scalable SVG with equations, that means, even for big designs, you do not worry about any pixels creating tooth effects. A Voronoi generator with pixels is trivial but with SVG is very hard.

actually this tool has an entry on the #webapps category

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my first pcb arrived today. \ (^-^) /

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Is this for test only or do you have an application for it ?

this is the freedeck. i just order this one just to get familiar with pcb ordering. i’m thinking about modifying it to build a video/photo/music editing tool. my dad does video editing for fun and i do photos editing sometime, it’s very time consuming so having proper tools can save up to 50% or more editing time. It can also be used as shortcuts for many other software and automate computer tasks. However, these tools are usually very expensive so it’s cheaper to build it.

The nice thing about using ssd1306 as buttons is that u can change modes and thus change each button functionality depending on which mode u r in. allow for much more customizations as comparing to most tools u can find on the market. at minimum, i would want a rotary dial for it to be useful.


Video/Photo/Music editing tool:

another thing i want to do related to USB to computer interface is to make a smart cube with gyroscope so u can rotate ur cube around and see the model’s orientation change in Blender or even allow interactive editing of the 3d model with the cube. With the current tech, this is easier to do and more accurate than using computer vision. the Nrf51 or nrf52 make great candidates for this.

all nice ideas.
For controlling a 3d model, I have something called “3d mouse” :slight_smile: but it’s not the same use case, that is more for professional CAD editing, but I guess what you’re aiming at is to allow applications where someone on a shop or somewhere can use a cheap 3d device to rotate a model, that should be easily possible.

hopefully i can program the nrf51 this time

Wow, you’re ready for production :ok_hand: